There will be times when you will want to make the same changes to multiple objects in the database. For example, you may want to delete an updater because they have left the organisation and add a new updater to a set of Measures/KPIs.

This can be done by generating a filtered Report in the Charts & Reports section and using the Mass Edit function.

The following example shows how to delete an existing Updater from all Measures in a scorecard section and replace them with a new Updater.

Go to Charts & Reports via the main menu, select the Organization you are interested in and click on + New Report. The following dialogue box will appear:

Select Scorecard Item Owner/Updater Report and click on Next. Step two will ask you to select the scorecard or part of a scorecard. In the example below, we have selected the Internal Processes section of the Samples Scorecard.

Click Next. In Step 3 we can select some options, in this example, we will go with the defaults:

Click Finish. The report appears. You will notice that there is a Mass Edit button at the bottom right next to the Save button, click on Mass Edit.

Now you can select the rows you want to edit. In this example, we want to edit all of the rows so check all of them (or use the short-cut check-all grey checkbox at the top). Click on Edit Selected Items.

You will be asked which field you want to update. Start typing Updaters and a list will appear, select Updaters and you will be asked what action you want to take next:

Select Remove the Following Updaters and directly underneath select the name(s) of the Updaters you want to remove, in this case, Julian Barnes. When you are happy with the Change, Action and Names, click Save.

The update will take place and a message will tell you that the changes have been made and will show in the report when you hit Done:

Click on Done. The report will appear showing that the names have been removed. At this point if you go to the relevant scorecards, you will see the names have been removed there as well.

Next, we will add the new names back into the scorecard measures by using the same procedure. Click on Mass Edit again. Click on the check boxes to select the rows to be changed and click on Edit Selected Items.

In the same way as above, start typing Updaters and select Updaters. This time select Add the Following Updaters from the Action drop-down and then select the names(s) you want to add from the list. In our example, we have added John Grisham.

You can optionally allow your updaters to update threshold values as well as indicated above. The default is not to allow this action, typically, threshold values are updated by administrators. When you are happy with the Change, Action and Names, click Save. Once again, the application will provide a message telling you that the action is complete but the report will not be updated until you click done. Click Done.

The final report can be saved by clicking Save, however, this type of activity is usually undertaken simply to conduct a mass edit rather than create a report so usually it is not necessary to save the report.


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